About Us

About Beckox Plastic Fabrications Ltd

Customers around the world associate the name of Beckox Plastic Fabrications Ltd with top quality and reliability. This is maintained by our determination to give our customers the best quality at the most competitive prices. Our customers’ efficiency and reputation is as important to us as our own, therefore if our products do not maintain an extremely high standard this would eventually reflect in our customers.

Customer efficiency and reputation

To achieve this and maintain the lowest practical price we have equipped our factory with the most up to date machinery and technicians. We have a highly qualified design and production staff (whose reputation is well respected) led by Mr Reg Wilcox, our director in charge of consultancy, design and production.

Bespoke fabrication production

Beckox Plastic Fabrications Ltd produce a wide range of ducting, tanks and assemblies within our specialist unit, all available in the widest range of designs and materials. We like to feel that no job is too much trouble – specialising in tailor made cost effective units. These factors in conjunction with our consultancy capabilities are of paramount importance to Beckox Plastic Fabrications Ltd.

Call Beckox Plastic Fabrications Ltd on 01202 736 725 for a free quote or on-site consultation.

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